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Celanese Chemicals and Others

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Celanese Chemicals and Others
Case 1: Celanese Chemicals and Others
1. What are the business values of wireless technologies in the chemical and automotive manufacturing industries? What other manufacturing applications might benefit from wireless technologies? Why?
There are various business values of wireless technology for the chemical and automotive manufacturing industries. The values in these industries include the following: increase productivity and efficiency, speed up maintenance, reduce cost, increase communication, save time, and provide easier data access. With wireless technologies, manufacturing industries don’t have to go back and forth to find out the problem and then arrange for the repair for their machines. This saves cost, time, and down time for the manufacturing machines. The more time the machine is working means that the company is able to produce more. This increase in communication is not limited to only the equipment, but operators are also able to receive work instructions and updates wirelessly. This reduces unnecessary traffic and improves productivity and efficiency when it comes to moving product from raw material to the shipment. As a result, wireless technology is able to help companies keep machines up to produce more, cut cost, and increase in movement of products.
Other manufacturing applications that can benefit from wireless technologies include Aerospace Plants, various types of Assembly Plants and Food Processing Plants. These manufacturing applications, even though they are different, have similar problems with machines and traffic within the manufacturing plants. Wireless technologies can help them keep machines up as much as possible and communicate among the employees to ensure daily operation is running smoothly.

2. What are some of the business benefits of wireless technologies in finance and investments? What…...

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