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Celebrities and Crime

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Celebrities: Unfairly Getting Away with Murder Celebrities all over the world can do the same crimes as middle and lower class Americans yet their punishments are much less. As stated in an article from Entertainment News, we see each and every day in newspapers and on TV where a celebrity is caught breaking the law (Celebrity Law Breakers). Loretta Martinez says this is a huge problem and that we hardly ever see any celebrities doing more than a day or two in jail, or paying a fine that is so small it doesn’t make a dent in their wallets (Martinez). Entertainment News also says this is leading to chaos and much dispute about what is going on with our government and law enforcement these days (Celebrity Law Breakers). This is why celebrities breaking the law and not being punished the way they should be is causing disputes about how our law enforcement and judicial system is unfair. Recently in a news article by Loretta Martinez, it is stated that Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Jesse McCartney, Marc Anthony, Nicole Richie and many other celebrities have been seen breaking the law and being punished with minimal charges or getting away with no charges at all (Martinez). There are many celebrities who were let go for doing the same crimes that middle and lower class Americans are serving jail time for. Entertainment News asks, how can our government say that “laws apply to everyone,” when everyone knows that many celebrities are clearly above the law (Celebrity Law Breakers)? In 2005, according to The Disaster Center, crimes involving murder rose 4.8 percent, meaning there were more than 16,900 murder victims. That would be the largest percentage increase in 15 years and the most murders since 1998. There is also more than 1 in 100 American adults behind bars and it has been reported that about 2.3 million people are incarcerated in state and federal prisons, and...

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