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Cell Phone Usage While Driving

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Assignment 2: Research Proposal- Thesis, Major Points, and Plan
Kiser Young
Professor Paul Hackman
ENG 215: Research & Writing
April 26, 2015

Cell phone usage while driving should be a concern to all motorist and policymakers. Is that Facebook update, or retweet on Twitter, even that selfie for Instagram worth your life or the lives of others in the car or on the road? It’s often said that individuals take many things for granted but your safety should not be one of them. This “distracted diving” is becoming the new DUI. Needless lives are lost on our highways, and while doing our best to stay so connected to people in our lives that potential fatal accident could in fact sever those connections.
Of all the topics that I could’ve chosen, the subject on whether cell phone regulations should be changed or not made me think about how often we as humans take this thing called “life” as a joke in so many words. I’m not excluded from this because I didn’t think a device the size of wallet, as thin as pencil could cause so many issues. Another reason why I chose this topic is because its shows that we need to start taking responsibility for our own actions. Before doing more research I didn’t know how many countless were lost. It’s estimated that every year at least 3,000 lives are lost because safety has become nothing more than a word. We know that drinking and driving is dangerous yet we drink. We know wearing seat beats can save lives, yet we refuse to wear them. We need to start taking our safety serious.
Whether regulations were to change or not this issues would in some way affect all motorists and policymakers. When it comes to motorists on the highway each would have their own opinion on the matter. Everyone would probably agree that the use of cell phones while driving can be dangerous so many drivers especially those with novice driving teens would...

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