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Cellular Effects

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Cellular Technology and Society Today
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LAS432 Society, Ethics, and Technology Abstract
The following paper will discuss the psychological and sociological impact of cellular technology. Cellular technology has seen rapid growth in technology and in personal use. Texting has now become the dominant means of communication and actual conversation skills are diminishing. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from cellular devices has become a concern and is being studied from many various angles to determine actual health risks from cell phone use. Whether it is for personal or business use, the cell phone has become a permanent fixture in our lives, could have potential health risks, and can become an addiction if necessary steps are not taken to control use and dependency. Cellular Technology and Society Today
At any store they are visible. They have their hand plastered to their ear or they are seemingly talking to no one. These are the cellphone users. Hayley Tsukayama, a writer for the Washington post asserts that according to the Pew Internet and Life Project only seventeen percent of Americans still have a land line and ninety percent own a cellphone. (Tsukayama, 2014)
The largest contributor to this trend is convenience. Most cellular devices are small and easily portable, allowing the user to move around freely. The ability to be in contact on the road, at work, or out having fun has pushed the trend that the American consumer is converting to cellular devices. Adding to this trend is the ability of cellular devices to do more than just make a call. “Cell phones are not just about calling or texting – with expanding functionality, phones have become multimedia recording devices and pocket-sized...

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