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“The Labour Market”
Canadian automotive industry has taking a huge leap forward since its past years, considering the fact that population is growing each and every day. In Canada, transportation has become a very significant part of life and hence people travel through different modes of transportation each and every day. This substantial growth has also proven to maximize the profit ratio which is hence helping to keep the economy stable. This advancement in transportation is proving as an advantage especially to many car companies which reside in Canada. At certain times transportation becomes a major problem in certain places where the frequency of vehicles is low and this becomes a major problem for the working class individuals. The busy hours or the peak hours as they say is the time when maximum population use these transportation systems to reach their destination; hence this is where the problem arises. Certain types of transportation system are only able to accommodate certain percentage of people at a time and hence the latter would have to wait for the next transportation arrival. Moreover, at times certain mode of transportation does not even serve the purpose of travelling great distances and other times it is the expense of such transportation systems that leaves the person overwhelmed and results in him buying his own vehicle. Hence the Canadian automotive industry serves the purpose of providing these modes of transportation (cars, trucks, vans, etc.) to its citizens considering their level of comfort. Due to this progression in transportation needs, many companies are looking for workers who are skilled enough to operate the machines and work in the assembly line for hours. And this is where my skills are put to test. As stated earlier in the self-study assignment, my main interest lies in serving the general populace. I am the type of person who...

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