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CEO & Enterprise Internal Pay Equity Multiplier & Optimal Management Structure Analysis
Compensation October 2007

Steve Hennigan, CPA Board Chair CPS Energy Mark Van Clieaf
MVC Associates International Consultants In Organization Design, Leadership & Shareholder Value Tampa • Houston • Toronto • London
Copyright © 2007, MVC Associates International



Original Internal Pay Equity Research Felt Fair Pay - “FFP” = 2 X
• 13 research studies over 15 years with 1000+ managers from CEO to front line in USA, Canada, UK
(see MVC Associates International published articles)

• Differential Work justifies Differential Pay & data shows a consistent Felt Fair Pay multiplier / differential • Each TRUE differential Level of Work (see Appendix) was identified as worth 2X more in Total Direct Compensation than the level directly below it • MVC Associates has effectively applied 2X to 2.5X differential to its 5 Levels of CEO Work analysis for clients worldwide
Copyright © 2004, MVC Associates International – slide 1



Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE Validates 2X to 3X CEO Pay Differential as Felt Fair Pay - FFP
• Winter Issue of Compensation Standards: “CEO role should be paid within a small range of the top 20+ executive team members” • Immelt points out that his pay is within 2 to 3 times his top executive team members
Copyright © 2007, MVC Associates International – slide 2



including Red Flag > 3X CEO Pay Differential June 2006 Comment on CEO Pay Structures
– Board Picks & Pays the CEO – RED FLAG > 3X CEO to any NEO pay differential – > 3X CEO pay differential is a possible indicator of weak board & poor corporate governance – > 3X CEO pay differential is a possible indicator of key person risk & CEO succession problem – Outsized CEO pay to peers also a key...

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