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Profile – Mr. Donald Dean R.A

Leading Grand Bahama architect, Mr. Donald Dean came to Freeport Grand Bahama in the early 19.. from Nassau where he was born. As a part of the staff in the planning department at the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Mr. Dean was instrumental in the early stages of development in Freeport.
In 19…. He went on the open his own firm The Architects Incorporated offering full architectural, planning, and interior design services. Winner of the …..silver …. for his proposal for a new Supreme Court Complex in Nassau, Mr. Dean’s signature buildings can be seen lining the prestigious Well Mall Drive leading from the airport through the center of Freeport’s business district. Starting with The Imperial Life Financial Building in 19.. , he went on to design both The Family Guardian Building and The Star General Insurance Buildings, as well as the new Federal Financial Center where his firm is located. The new impressive Police Complex that now graces the Mall in Freeport is also one of Mr. Dean’s landmark structures. Apart from his many commercial projects of which just several were mentioned, The Architects Incorporated has also designed many of the prestigious homes that are nestled away in some of Freeport’s best neighborhoods.
A civically minded firm, The Architects Incorporated, is ever willing to help needy and important causes. Their services have been donated on several occasions, namely to the new Grand Bahama Sports Complex, the newly proposed Bahamas Aids Foundation Building and Red Cross Building as well as The Future Heritage Museum and Gallery of Grand Bahama.
As principal and lead designer of The Architects Incorporated, Mr. Donald Dean has managed to leave his mark in Freeport Grand Bahama and with many plans for future developments, he will undoubtedly continue to so.

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