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The Girl Scouts of Central Texas was pleased to welcome the National CEO of Girl Scouts,

Anna Maria Chavez on October 2nd, 2015. A veteran of Girl Scouts since the age of ten, Mrs.

Chavez knows it all begins with a friendly smile and a drive to excel. Her visit to the Bryan

Scout house, a lovely stone building built in the 1930s, couldn’t have had better Texas fall

weather. There was a cool breeze and the sun shone softly as she gave exclusive interviews to

This was also a wonderful opportunity for some local Girl Scouts to share about their own active

pursuit of learning and community enrichment. The CEO was cheerful and dignified as ever as

she shook hands with the bright eyed scouts. She was particularly excited to meet with a Girl

Scout who is the first of her family to graduate high school and enter into higher education.

Anna Maria’s visit to Texas included Honoring Cari Baker Wells. Cari is a law firm executive

whose community service includes raising over a million dollars for San Antonio public schools.

She also served as president of the 12th Man Foundation and led projects such as the design and

completion of Kyle Field’s successful Zone Club. Wells of class 1984 received the highest honor

bestowed upon a former student: Distinguished Alumni of Texas A&M University.

Each of these women are striking figures who inspire and encourage. Their message is simple:

Believe you can! They exemplify what is possible when you reach out, connect and cultivate

several news stations.


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