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The Study of Chlorofluorocarbons | | | | | |

Prepared by: Ana Cloriana Bonan Harlene Buenavista Blanch Marie Gueco Angel Kazumi Sioson Gian Micah Cesa

How do CFCs products such as refrigerants, aerosols, and plant factory emissions affect the status of the ozone layer in the atmosphere?

CFC strongly contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

OBJECTIVES: * To measure the amount of CFCs release from refrigerants, aerosols, emissions of factories and other products and materials that contain CFCs.

* To determine the degree of CFCs in the ozone layer.

* To quantify the percentage between different elements and chemicals that CFC contain.

Significance of the Study

This study will contribute to scientific research as statistical data about chlorofluorocarbons. As a further matter, it will give more ideas on how to promote vigorous conditions in the ecosystem in order to raise awareness of imminent dangers of using chlorofluorocarbons. It will help us how to fathom/understand the situations of some hurdles in the environment that might cause by CFCs. It will also assist folk on how they will grasp the drawbacks of the chemicals usage by being well-informed about it. They will be more clued in about being detrimental of the matter as well.

Nevertheless, this study will furnish information concerning the substance which can cause complications in the environment and human system. In addition to what precedes, this study will be constructive enough for systematic investigation in the field of science in succeeding decades by providing useful data. It can be used as a source of information if any problems emerge regarding with the aforementioned chemicals.

The Silent Destroyer of the Ozone Layer...

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