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Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 - Questions and Exercises
Chapter 1 (pages 26-27)
1. What are the potential ethical issues faced by Acme Corporation? The potential ethical issues faced by Acme Corporation is giving gifts can lead to dilemmas about whether the gift being given will be perceived as a bribe or simply a gift. If gifts are given, it shouldn’t be given to one person, but instead, an entire team or division. As this could cause other members of the team to feel that there is something more is happening. In this specific case, Frank is giving personal gifts only to Otis, which could cause problems for Frank and/or Acme Corporation in the future.
2. What should Acme do if there is a desire to make ethics a part of its core organizational values? Acme Corporation should make sure that all the rules and guidelines are in writing as well as communicate them to all the personnel as part of its core organizational values. These guidelines should detail items including the giving of gifts to customers as far as a maximum dollar amount or the number of times you are allowed to do it per customer.
3. Identify the ethical issues of which Frank needs to be aware. The ethical issue that Frank needs to be aware of is the fact that, Otis can perceives the gifts he is being given as a bribe. It seemed as Frank was unsure about Otis’ request in Vegas, what will happen if he doesn’t satisfy this request? It’s good to go with your initial feeling and if needed, say no in a professional way.
4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Frank could make. The advantage for Acme Corporation is the account is growing and adding to their inventory. In turn, Frank is receiving bonuses and everyone is happy. The disadvantages could be, as I stated above, that the gifts could be perceived as a bribe. Taking customers to an “adult entertainment” club is not a good choice and could affect both Frank and his boos Amber.
Chapter 3 (pages 88-89)
1. What are Joseph’s ethical problems? Joseph’s ethical problems in this case are fairness, honesty, intimidating behavior by his sales people and bribes or kickbacks to customers. Kickbacks can cause more issues than people realize and ultimately hurt the company in the long run.
2. Imagine that you are Joseph. Discuss your options. If I was Joseph and discovered unethical issues, I would do what I could to resolve the issue, but ultimately, I feel it would be my responsibility to report this information to my boss. By not reporting this, I feel I would be putting my job on the line. First, I would have a meeting with all the sales people and my boss to discuss the company policy of ethical/unethical behavior as well as no tolerance policy along with the consequences.
3. As Joseph, what other information do you feel you need before making your decision?
I would look at all the issues at hand. Determine which ones were serious and need to be brought to my boss’s attention. I would also try to find out what has been done in the past with “kickbacks”. I would also have all information documented, at hand and prepared to show my boss everything.
4. Discuss in which business areas the ethical problems lie. The ethical problems in this case are fairness, honesty, intimidating behavior by his sales people and bribes or kickbacks to customers. But this is not only with the sales people, as if Joseph doesn’t say anything to his boss, he will also be part of the problem. I also believe that Kathryn, Joseph’s boss is creating part of the problem as well. It’s good to put responsibility on the managers, but if they are not able to solve something, having an open door to help is the proper way to go. Instead, she makes them fear going to her. The ethical problems are all the way around in this case.

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...STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: The study aims to understand the different cause of computer games addiction and manage their time on study and playing games. Specifically this study seeks to answer this following questions: 1. What are the cause of computer games addiction as perceived by the students? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being addicted to computer games? 3. What are the proposed ways to eradicate computer games addiction? PANPACIFIC UNIVERSITY NORTH PHILIPPINES Lopez Jaena St. Tayug, Pangasinan Name: (Optional) ____________________ Gender: ________ Age : ___ Course: _________ Computer Addiction This study attempts to determine the problems encountered by the students of PUNP that affect their performance in addiction of computers. I. Study the effects and cause the students in computer games addiction. Direction: Put checkmark on the space provided that affect and cause in computer games addiction Problem 1. I prefer playing games to spend time with my friends 2. I find satisfaction in playing games 3. I think playing computer games is the answer to my problem 4. I prefer playing sports game in computer rather than playing it in real-life situation 5. I build interconnection with other computer gamers 6. I want online games to gain respect to other students 7. I prefer playing online games for pastime 8. I feel frustrated if I did not...

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...Dr.V.A.Smith had called India an Ethnological Museum for there is a great variety of racial types. (b) India is well-known as a land of great varieties. Because, there is a great variety of racial types. Of these : A. (a) is correct (b) is wrong B. (b) is correct (a) is wrong C. (a) and (b) are correct  D. Both (a) and (b) are wrong Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’s Class Room Discussion 104. What is special about the following personalities? Pandit Ravi Shankar, M.S.Subbulakshmi and Satyajit Rey. A. Recipients of Bharat Ratna Award  B. Recipients of Lalit Kala Academy Award C. Recipients Sangeet Natak Academy D. Recipients of Padma Vibhushan Award NR IAS AC AD EM Y A. 41 C. 30 B. 35 D. 28 109. Find the Missing term A. 12  C. 16 B. 18 D. 24 1 Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’s Director Dictated short cuts in class Room. India GK Vol-2 Pg.33...

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...QUESTIONNAIRE FOR STUDENTS I. Profile of respondents 1. Name (Optional) ___________________________________________________ 2. Gender ________ Male ________ Female 3. Age ________ 17 and above ________ 15-16 years old ________ 13-14years old ________ 11-12 years old 4. Civil Status _______ Single _______ Married 5. Type of Curriculum ________ Basic Education Curriculum ________ Special Science Curriculum 6. Year Level ________ First Year ________ Second Year ________ Third Year ________ Fourth Year II. Consequences of having a boyfriend/ girlfriend while studying Directions: Read each item carefully and ascertain your views on how having a relationship with the opposite sex affect one’s studies. Put a check mark on the appropriate column opposite the items in the questionnaire using the following code: 5- Strongly Agree 3- Agree 1- Disagree 4- Moderately Agree 2- Slightly Agree Consequences of being commited 5 4 3 2 1 1.Having high grades 2.Having failing grades 3. Joining school affairs 4.Active participation in classes 5. Being friendly 6. Ability to socialize with others 7. Being distracted in Studies 8.Being Inspired 9.Being Matured 10.Ability to distinguish what’s wrong and right III. Effects of having a relationship with the opposite sex to one’s studies Directions: Read each item carefully and ascertain your views on how having a......

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