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Question 1 of 25 | 4.0/ 4.0 Points |
Which of the following data are collected from consumers to develop a perceptual map for a particular product? |
| |
| A. A listing of all prospective brands and products | |
| |
| B. Managerial judgments about how consumers perceive products | |
| |
| C. Rank order of the ratings of a existing brand's preference relative to its competitors | |
| |
| D. Judgments of existing products or brands with respect to important attributes | |
| |
| E. Detailed explanations of why consumers make the choices they do | |

Answer Key: D
Feedback: What you chose is correct. |
Question 2 of 25 | 4.0/ 4.0 Points |
One marketing action that can be taken to sell a single product or service to multiple market segments is |
| |
| A. develop and produce another version of the product. | |
| |
| B. manufacture products that appeal to different markets. | |
| |
| C. develop separate promotional campaigns. | |
| |
| D. purchase another firm that has additional products that would appeal to multiple markets. | |
| |
| E. issue stock used for additional research and development for improved products. | |

Answer Key: C
Feedback: What you chose is correct. |
Question 3 of 25 | 4.0/ 4.0 Points |
The second step in segmenting and targeting markets is to |
| |
| A. group potential buyers into segments | |
| |
| B. group products to be sold into categories | |
| |
| C. develop a market-product grid and estimate size of the overall market | |
| |
| D. select target markets | |
| |
| E. take marketing actions to reach markets | |

Answer Key: B
Feedback: What you chose is correct. |
Question 4 of 25 | 0.0/ 4.0 Points |
A key to positioning a product or brand effectively is discovering the perceptions of its…...

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