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Ch Brand. Repeat This Times. Averaer of Kernels Popped for Each Brand to Determine Which Brand Pops the Best. Variables: Dependent - Amount of Kernels Popped. Independent – the Product Brand/Manufacturer Will Vary with

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Experimental design:
Pop 100 kernels from 3 different brands of popcorn one brand at a time. Count the number of popped kernels for each brand. Repeat this process for each brand 3 times. Average the number of kernels popped for each brand to determine which brand pops the best.

Variables: Dependent - amount of kernels popped. Independent – the product brand/manufacturer will vary with each test group. Controlled – cooking method, time and temperature will be regulated for each test group.

Threats to internal validity:
Freshness of popcorn kernels could impact ability to pop. In order to reduce this threat, the product dates should be similar. Each brand should have a manufacturing date within 3 days of each other.

All popcorn brands will pop the same, leaving an equal number of un-popped kernels.

A1. Introduction
Popcorn has been around for hundreds of years. The corn (maize) was introduced to the English settlers by the native Indians in 16th century (“Popcorn”, 2012). When heated, popcorn expends from a hard kernel into a puffed soft substance. Because popcorn is relatively cheap to purchase and make, popcorn is often seen in many areas such as at fairs, carnivals and is practically synonymous with at the movies. There is over one billion pounds of popcorn consumed in America each year (“What is the,” 2011). The love affair with popcorn has been well documented an experiments with popcorn can be traced back to the 1940’s. One such experiment is determining which bran of popcorn pops the best. This is an inexpensive experiment to recreate and relatively simple. There are many variations of this project including use of microwave popcorn, size of popped kernels, weight, flavor, and cost comparisons. In reviewing the…...

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