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Christian Humanism

Introduction I noticed that my best friend has been acting very weird since yesterday and I asked him what was wrong but he wouldn't tell me. During a test, he asked me if he could copy my work. This case is about honesty and I explained to him the importance of honesty. I advised him not to cheat because cheating wouldn't do him any good and that sooner or later, that doing of his will probably backfire on him.

Body The Basic Human Values to be upheld was Honesty. Honesty feels like something you don’t come by often these days, but in the realm of human values, it is extremely important. The idea of staying true to oneself can often feel intimidating and impossible, but what most people fail to realize is that it is not the act of simply telling the truth that makes someone honest rather the quality of person who is being honest. An honest person is often straight, upright, sincere and fair and being an honest person brings more reward to the soul than the damage a lie could do. So if my bestfriend cheats, it also affects some bits of his characteristics and his image.

"Hosea 12:7 A merchant, in whose hands are false balances, He loves to oppress."... In this Biblical text, it is understood that when he does something bad, he affects the people around him and surely, my bestfriend wouldn't want that.

"Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." and in this statement, it also understood that if you are honest with yourself and with others, you are pure of heart and you shall see God.

Recommendations I would advise him not to cheat because it wouldn't do him any good. Yes, he might get a good grade but in God's eyes, there's nothing to be proud of, and even if he said he would never do it again, no one knows if that's true and even if that's the case, it wouldn't change the fact that...

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