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Reflection Exercise: Chapter 10 Information Technology
Goal: To expand your understanding of worldview and goals, from Chapter 10 of Breaking Ground:
Keys for Successful Online Learning, by conducting a series of personal reflective exercises.

Steps: 1. Complete 2 reflection exercises:
Complete 2 of the 3 reflective exercises for this chapter. a.

Upon completion of the appropriate exercises, save a copy of your answers to your computer, by clicking the Export as PDF button at the bottom of the page.

3. In Blackboard, access the submission link for the Chapter Reflection Activity 3. a. Upload your files. b. Submit your assignment.

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Chapter 10
Reflection 1
1a Where are you at present in your career? Just beginning, midcareer, career-changer, or nearing the end of employment? 1b What do you want from your next job?

1c What work opportunities spark your interest?

1d What values do you want to express through your work?

1e What strengths or skills do you bring to your career?

1f What work goals do you wish to accomplish?

1g Thinking about work settings, do you prefer to work alone or as part of a group?

1h Do you prefer to work independently (for yourself), for a small company, or for a large corporation?

1i What sort of compromises are you willing to make for work? (Think about relocation, hours/days of work, and obligations to family and other demands.)

Reflection 2
Take a few moments to consider what your personal mission statement should say. What might be included in each category below?



2b Your personal mission statement:

Reflection 3
Review your work to date and consider what you might have available to include in a portfolio.
What work have you done that contributes to your future career goals? Consider the following categories as you think back through your work and ­ onwork experiences. n 3a Academic accomplishments (papers, research projects, presentations, etc.):

3b Career accomplishments and awards (key work events/accomplishments/recognition):

3c Volunteer positions or internship work

3d Professional memberships

3e Special skills and accomplishments (list ones related to the job opportunities you will be seeking)

Export as PDF

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