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Key influences on the hospitality and catering industry. * Social influences – family traditions, less time to cook and eat, more demand for fast food/takeaway, celebrations, trends. * Media influences – celebrating chefs, cooking styles, cuisine styles, eating local social media (trip advisor), and healthy eating. * Economical influences – income, unemployment, season variations, and special offers/deals. * Political influences – tax on food, Food Mountains, fair trade productions, import/export restrictions, health initiatives. * Technological influences - transportation, shelf life, quality of food, nutrition and packaging.

The function of professional associations
Associations Functions * British hospitality association The BHA, incorporating the restaurant association, is the UK’s national trade association for the hotel, food service and leisure industry. It has been representing the hotel, restaurant and catering industry for 90 years. The BHA’s main role is to unite the industry and make its views known to governments across the UK and in Europe. It also aims to lead the industry towards better practices, e.g. best practice forum.

* Craft guild of chefs
This is the leading chefs’ association in the UK, representing members worldwide. Activities include training and demonstrations.

* Springboard UK * Springboard UK works with, and for, the industry to improve perceptions, promote the industry as a great place to work and help attract fresh talent. In doing so, Springboard works with young, unemployed and disadvantaged people helping them into the wealth of career opportunities in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Springboard does this through...

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