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| Chak De India Essay Arshia R. Mehta |

Due to the tragedy that took place right after the India vs. Pakistan hockey match
Against Kabir Khan (SRK), he transformed into a different person and saw the world with unfamiliar eyes. He was humiliated and was named as a double dealer by the people of his own country. He could not bare this mortification and dishonor so he decided to gain his and his country's respect back in the eyes of the world. Khan had to leave his own home due to the lack of acceptance of his presence in his surroundings. He, who was solely devoted to his team, was accused of a spiteful deed which he could not agree to. Khan could not bare the weight of the crime longer than 7 years and decided to coach the women’s hockey team for it to make it to the world cup.

He came across various players from all over India, some of which who could not even match the mother tongue of India. Some of whom belonged to the rural societies of India where as some belonged to the urban areas. But Khans attitude kept him very together and gave him strength to keep his team in the correct sportsmen’s spirit. He had an exceedingly complex task, which many other coaches had declined earlier. Despite knowing the roughness of the task, Khan took it up as a challenge and proved himself.

Khan opted for the path of team work and unity to form such an organized team. He would often try to turn the players of the hockey team down for them to bring out their real selves and prove their talent. He was not partial to anyone and treated every one with equality. He respected his rules and punished anyone who disobeyed them, including himself. Khan would gift the players with punishment very often and was very strict concerning discipline amongst the players. For instance, the most experienced player of the team was punished through out the practice and most of the matches as she was not disciplined enough and had different principles which did not match those of a successful teammate.

Despite the cultural and social differences in the team members, I think that Khan managed very well. He turned enemies to friends and the impossible to possible.
First of all he assigned tasks to all the team members and then made them apprehend the significance of these responsibilities. He made them work harder regarding harmony and tranquility rather than improving their game at first, as he knew that, if they did not work as a team, they would not achieve their ostensibly unattainable mission. He was well aware that if a single player played for herself, it would result in a failure. For instance, two girls wanted to be the highest scorers of the series, competing against each other, that would result as a thorn in the team’s achievement. Due to this, khan guided the two of a kind with the help of his knowledge, which therefore made them consider the betterment of the team as a whole, rather than just themselves.

The movie, along with giving entertainment, gifts us a lot of wise knowledge.
Watching “Chak De” has been a great experience and seeing our country win such a tough match was unquestionably a cherry topping the entire excursion.

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