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Challenge #2: Let Your Food Be Your Medicine, and Your Medicine Your Food

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hree Day Food Intake
March 20, 2012
Dr. Don Little

Three Day Food Intake
After complete documentation of all my foods for three complete days I have consumed
12% of my protein intake, 54% of my carbohydrates, and 35% of my lipids. I kept within my average DRI range in all 3 categories, however, I was on the low side of my DRI scale in protein and on the high side in lipids. The foods that I consumed consisted of Chef Boyardee, pizza,
Sargento cheese slices, and spaghetti, which contained my protein, Honey Nut Cheerios, coke, bananas, peas and carrots, cheesecake, and a bake potato, which contained my carbohydrates, and all of these foods contained my lipids. These foods listed did not necessarily contain a lot of protein, but once they were all consumed I did have a complete combination over a three day period. It is important to consume of your daily protein because your body begins to take away from your carbohydrates and lipids to make up for your lost protein, which can result in drowsiness or weight loss/gain, and it can also cause illness.
Protein, carbohydrates, and lipids are referred to as macronutrients. Macronutrients are substances needed for growth and metabolism, and they also provide energy (“Macronutrients”,
2004). When we consume too much or too little of a macronutrient we can become more susceptible to illness or disease. For example, two diseases that develop from too little protein are Kwashiorkor and Marasmus, and too diseases that develop because of too much carbohydrates and lipids are Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. When consuming too much or too little of a macronutrient it can also result in a stunt in growth, especially in children, a insufficient amount of energy, and either weight loss or weight gain. People also tend to gain a low immune system making them more susceptible to illnesses such as, the common cold or the flu. “Fiber keeps you regular, lowers cholesterol levels,...

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