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Challenge the Boss or Stand Down

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Authority could exists in every fields which usually is a significant part to ensure the normal operation. Although it could benefit the operation, it may cause some issues. Accompany with authority, there could be many challenges. Challenges refer to some different thoughts which are happened between the superiors and the subordinates. The dilemma is whether do as what the boss told or follow the original heart. This dilemma is the main focus of Tom and Frank’s case study, ‘Challenge the boss or stand down?’ (2011).

‘Challenge the boss or stand down?’ concerns a general issue in the company D7 Displays. A rising star Tom challenged his new boss Frank in the public, and they have different opinions. Tom is facing the dilemma which may lose his job, and he has to choose a better method to solve this issue. As a diligent employee, Tom wants to do his best and gain reliance from his boss. He argues that the airline kiosk business is hurting by the web service and the only way to compete is developing the kiosk-based services which could make profit or provide more benefits. However, Frank, who is his new boss, is firmly holding the different opinion. Frank points out that the airline kiosk business presents a mature market and clients will not resign it. In addition, the hotels and car rental markets are wide open, and the company should develop these areas.
Frank asserts that Tom was out of line and focus on the part not belongs to him.

Advice about this dilemma is given by two experts, Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor from Stanford University and Paul Falcone, president of human resources at Time Warner Cable. Both of these experts consider that Tom should deal with this issue carefully. However, two experts obviously have different positions. While Falcone argues that Tom should follow his heart to convince his boss and it could generate the company in the right...

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