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Challenge in applying for job for fresh undergraduates
Challenges in applying for job for fresh undergraduates it is a very big problem nowadays. First challenge, that undergraduates don’t have enough work experience. Usually companies want to employ person who have work experience in this sphere; usually in Kazakhstan it is a 3 years. But how undergraduate have experience if he studied, not work. It is a challenge which very hard for the undergraduates. But some undergraduates solve this problem by working in a part-time, but not all of the students have this chance to work part time in the studying sphere.
Second challenge it is a psychological challenge for all of the undergraduates. Some persons can solve it, but some of them not. It’s depending on the person. When undergraduate starting to work he doesn’t have any views of the practical part of job. Internship in the university it’s not enough to see the all of the spheres of job. Students should pass the internship because university wants it, but when student graduate university he or she understand that internship not enough.
Third challenge it is a trial period and competitors. Every undergraduate has trial period, and in this trial period he or she should show all of the skills. Second part of this problem it is a competitors. Employer challenges all of the new workers and after trial period he or she leaves the best undergraduate. Big four practices this type of recruitment.
To the conclusion undergraduates have many challenges to applying for job, but it is a part of our life and we should reconcile with it. Our life it is a challenge.…...