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Challenges and Rewards of Teaching

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Challenges and Rewards of Teaching

Ever since I was a child I have known in my heart and soul that I want nothing more than to be a teacher someday. Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding careers one can have, however, there are also challenges to be faced in this field. Three rewards of being a teacher include student improvement and growth, improving as a teacher, and appreciation, and three challenges include student behavior management, effective communication, and differentiation among students. The most rewarding aspect of being a teacher, in my own opinion, is seeing your students learn and grow each and everyday. Being able to take them from a starting point in the beginning of the year and watch them expand their minds and knowledge as the year progresses is one of the most remarkable things. In my own personal experience working at my local daycare I have learned that it is incredible to see a child light up when they have learned something new as a direct result from your teaching. It provides a sense of accomplishment not only for the student, but for the teacher as well. Another reward of teaching is self-improvement. When most people think of school they probably think of it as a place for just students to learn. The way I see it, however, it is a place for both the student and the teacher to learn. I believe that everyday in the classroom provides an opportunity for the students and teacher to learn something from one another. One way of improving yourself as a teacher is by simply getting to know your students. Showing an interest in what they have to say and their personal lives and goals helps you learn about them and in return makes you a better teacher. When students see that their teacher takes the time to learn about them individually they come to appreciate their teacher more. Appreciation is also a reward of teaching. I...

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