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Challenges in Life Can Either Enrich You or Poison You. You Are the One Who Decides." ۥ Steve Maraboli I Believe That Challenges and Changes in Life Are the Defining Moments for a Person. in the Past Decade I Have

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Challenges in life can either enrich you or poison you. You are the one who decides." ― Steve Maraboli
I believe that challenges and changes in life are the defining moments for a person. In the past decade I have faced several ones, which now seem as a blur but at the time were the harshest I had ever experienced. I first set foot on Canadian soil on June of 2008 after spending 14 years in my homeland Pakistan. I had moved into an environment surpassingly different than the one I came from and it was my first time something so drastic had happened.

It was my mother's decision, a decision my father did not entirely approve of. Due to this reason, barriers arose between them, which only got worse over time. In addition to coping with an array of challenges and learning to accustom myself to the language, culture and customs of a strange land, I now had to confront to the rising tension in my family. In that time I had realized a few things. Despite the fact that I had no control over the changes happening in my life, I had full control over the changes happening inside of me. I could either allow myself to be completely taken over, or face the challenges and let them nourish my mind instead.

Through these ordeals, I learned that whatever tension my parents had between them should just stay between them and not affect my relation with them or myself. I learned that despite the fact that I am now living in a place completely alien to me, it is rather an adventure not a suffering, in which I could explore endless opportunities, in which I could find myself, and what I am meant to be. have experience for this term paper we allowed to use…...

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