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Challenges of Mobility

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3. Challenges
3a. Major Challenges
In the following major challenges in implementing the proposed HR system are identified (first part) and specific strategies are invoked to overcome those hurdles (secondly). Overall, it must be said that changing an entire HR system needs time and careful planning efforts. Therefore, no firm should just rush into such an implementation without being prepared to cope with the occurring resistances against the change. Consequently, the owners (e.g. shareholders) should be aware of the challenges and need to be committed to see benefits of the new system in a rather long-term view. Below we listed different categories of challenges.
Firstly, it is common to see skepticism when practices change or new policies are implemented because we all like to cope with a known environment and it is always a challenge to change one’s mind and attitudes. Employees often feel uninformed about why things are changing and they often get the impression that no one is supporting them with the transformational process. Open-space offices as proposed in the workspace design section or the change to use trust-based working time (job design section) could be two specific practices leading to resistance and skepticism because those practices could be a dramatic change for some employees. Besides, the view that turnover always has negative consequences has been common sense over the last decades and many employees (also those in responsible positions) grew up with this view. Telling them now that the new approach is to stay connected with former employees through an alumni system constitutes a major change for those employees who need to overcome the way they were handling turnover during their entire career.
Secondly, the implementation of the described HR system to create value in the sight of mobility could be a huge investment for the firm. Compared...

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