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Challenges to Overcome in Class

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Discuss the possible challenges you may face as you progress in this class and then recommend how you may be able to overcome those challenges.
I have come to understand that regardless to any situation there are always challenges that will prevail and how you deal with these challenges will determine the outcome to a specific design. With that being said I feel that the possible challenge I may face as I progress in this class is strategy implementation. When you are proposing a plan, it must be direct and entail all of the necessary elements to be successful. The issue I have would have to learn what is of mere importance verses least important as I tend to prioritize all designs. I think sometimes that all ideas should be implemented and I may confuse what to add in the plan and what to leave out. In this case I have decided to use the key tools throughout this book and course to aid in making me better at dealing with these challenges. Innovating the plan is not my issue but knowing what exactly is the priority is what the main focus is. I know that the goal is to enhance the competitive advantage and maximize profits over another but it also entails having a good customer service tactic. If the employees are friendly and customer based with good useful and helpful products, it makes it easier to have the advantage. I want to learn how to use what I have and expand on the ideas and to a certain extent be able to perfect it even if it entails a mild trial and error form. I know I will overcome these challenges if I just focus on the merits of the design and use my skills and knowledge to speak for itself in the...

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