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Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers Overseas

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Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers in Overseas Advertising Campaigns

There are many challenges to marketers in an overseas advertising campaign, but with those challenges, come many opportunities for marketers to take advantage of. Marketing around the world can be much different than the type that we are accustomed to in the United States, many countries do not have the same technological advances. concisely states “International marketing is no longer an option, but a strategic imperative. Businesses that focus primarily on their domestic markets will be left behind as their competition gains ‘first mover advantage’ “.A marketer has to change their strategy in other countries depending on laws, culture, and technology. Marketers face many challenges across the world and have to tailor their campaigns accordingly. The first thing that marketers should consider is what message they are trying to convey to consumers and why consumers should want or need their products/services. Customers place importance on various things around the world that Americans do not, such as “in China you cannot sell the same lines of cosmetics or shampoos nationwide”, as quoted from Cateora. American wants and needs do not always match the wants and needs of different countries, marketers have to find a way to justify that consumers need or want their products and/or services. Laws carry great importance, as they should, globally, influencing a marketers course of action in an advertising campaign. Marketing products such as alcohol or cigarettes can be very difficult in areas around the world, especially in the more developed parts of the world where importance is placed on the health of society and individuals. A country may limit how a company can market its product, who it markets to, when it is allowed to advertise its products, or where it can...

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