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Challenges in Earth Sciences

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Andrea Trevino
Geology 1301 M02
20 November 2015
Challenges in Earth Sciences: The 21st Century
Extra Credit Report 1

“Challenges in Earth Sciences: The 21st Century” introduces an Earth science perspective for the 21st century in an Indian outlook. The 21st century has brought many challenges for the Earth and the way it should sustain itself. This article describes how the human race will be challenged with the lack of raw materials and typical energy riches. India will soon be a region with a contributing increase in the demand of energy and other resources. Since India will also become the most populated region of the world, it will have to be responsible for the consequences the 21st century has brought. India is already working in experimenting to see if it can resolve this problem by coming up with innovating ideas of environmental technology and principles regarding the managing and utilization of resources. Earth sciences, including sudden climate change, will play an important role in leading human beings in making the discovery and ways of using resources a priority in our lives. Earth sciences will also teach society how to take the greatest advantage we can in consuming the resources that Earth gives to us. Earth observing tools, such as the satellites that are sent to the galaxy, simply demonstrate how Earth sciences are in constant development. These innovating tools will allow us to observe Earth from a closer level, as well as its way and reasons of constantly changing. India will have to come up with more improvements to better the already created experimenting tools used for Earth sciences. The improvements India will come up with will help scientists understand why Earth acts and moves like it does. These improvements, which include innovating technological techniques and tools, will bring excitement as they assist in comprehending and improving the processes Earth can take to so many levels. India will try hard to overcome the challenges this planet has, as well as try to improve the way Earth science is educated in the 21st century to be able to meet the global requirements. This article leaves us with a great understanding on why India has the responsibility of improving our planet, and why it should do so.
Works Cited
Rajendran, C. P. "Challenges In Earth Sciences: The 21St Century." Current Science (00113891) 99.12 (2010): 1690-1698. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Nov. 2015.

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