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Formal Lab Report

Title: The Densities of Liquids and Solids compound.

In this experiment we will determine the density of liquid and a solid by two quantities of mass and the volume of a given quantity of matter.To properly measure density,we need container whose volume is known to a high degree of accuracy. This container is known as a flask and stopper.


Density is the ratio of the mass of a substance or object to its volume. At any given temperature, the ratio of mass to volume is characteristic for a given substance.Common liquids and solids of various densities are layered in a beaker. The liquids form different layers and the solids float at the interfaces between them. This demonstrates that a solid's ability to float or sink depends on its density relative to the liquid it is in.The physical properties of a pure substance are those that can be measured without changing the composition of the substance. The density of a substance is an intensive property of the substance. The property is independent of the mass of the substance ( intensive ). The density of a substance is a measure of the mass of the substance per volume occupied by the substance. The density of solids and liquids are generally given in units of grams per milliliter, while for gases the units are grams per liter. We will be determining the density of water, the density of an unknown liquid, the density of a regular solid and the density of an irregular solid.The Density of solid, liquid is the amount of mass it has divided by the volume it occupies. Solid has got lots of regular spaces between its molecules so the same number (mass) of water molecules is less dense than the same number (mass) of water molecules when they are all melted into liquid water. that's why solid ice floats on water, because the same volume of ice actually…...