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Chang-Bo's Character In 'Nothing To Envy'

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In Nothing to Envy Chang-Bo gets spied on because he made a smart remark toward Korea. When that happended he got interviewed and almost got in a lot of troube. I bet he felt like he was being spied on. Lots of us can relate to that. Chang-Bo feelings changed after that you couldn´t trust anyone. In Nothing to Envy it states ¨Spying on one’s countrymen is something of a national pastime. There were the young vigilantes from the Socialist Youth League like the one who stopped Mrs. Song for not wearing a badge. They also made sure people weren’t violating the dress code by wearing blue jeans or T-shirts with Roman writing—considered a capitalist indulgence—or wearing their hair too long. T In this situation no one can trust anybody. I can relate...

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