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Change Managemaent Plan for Aviva

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Proposed Change Program for AVIVA
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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Discussion 2 Leading and managing change 2 Challenges and problem of managing and leading change at Aviva 3 Change strategy for Aviva 4 Change interventions for Aviva 6 Enabling continuous change 7 Change program limitations 8 Conclusion 9 References 9

Proposed Change Program for AVIVA
This assignment aims to analyze the challenges and problems which are being faced by renowned insurance company Aviva following the decision of downsizing due to moving several hundred jobs to India as a outsourcing strategy to remain competitive in the market. The company is facing difficulties while implementing change management programs in their organization. In this assignment, change strategy will be proposed relevant to the problems company is facing and specific interventions would be introduced during the process of change. Moreover, suggestions will be given on sustaining the change for a longer period of time while defining the limitations of the change program.
Leading and managing change
Organization change is important for the strategic growth of the organization however, it is always met with employees’ resistance. The repercussion of this resistance put up by employees can be drastic and cause serious disturbance in the organization. It is important for the organization to study the variable which are involved in managing the change in the organization and implement the change program trust and fairness through employing communication strategies along with the leadership participation in order to minimize the resistance which can be dangerous for the whole organization (Thomas,, 2011, p.26). In order to effectively manage the change, it is important for the...

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