Change Management and Communication Plan

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Change Management and Communication Plan
Organizational Development
January 11, 2012

Change Management and Communication Plan
Riordan Manufacturing has decided to implement a formal customer management system, which will be used company wide. Our job as consultants is to assist Riordan in planning and implementing the change so that it goes as smoothly as possible.
Current Formal and Informal Structure
Riordan Manufacturing functions with a bureaucratic structure and a system based on formal power. According to the organizational charts, the organization is departmentalized into functional areas based on the scope of work. The organization also breaks down jobs and departments based-off of specialization. Each department or division has a VP that oversees the department and reports to the chief executive officer. Each VP has managers who manage a number of employees. This system allows effective and strategic management throughout the organization. This also allows decisions to be disseminated throughout the organization with ease. The system is very common and popular throughout organizations today.
Front-line employees report to managers, managers report to directors or regional managers, directors report to division VP’s, and VP’s report to the chief executive officer. This system allows systematic communication. The power and political structure of the organization may frustrate employees when decisions are made if the vision and reasoning behind the decisions is unclear or not communicated. The system relies on clear and concise communication. This type of system can create a disconnection between the top chief executive officer level to the front-line employees if the chief executive officer does not have accurate reports and information. It is important to have the right…...