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Change the Game

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INTRODUCTION Today’s exponentially growing retail market of around USD 15 trillion (2011) is worth watching as lots of new practices and strategies are being adopted by the retailers around the world. Today there is an increasing need for every giant company to look for the emerging economies for growth. But in that growth pursuit are they slipping from the home grounds or the established markets! Also when the retail company enters into new established markets for expansion, they need to do something innovative which also suits those markets. So what should the retailers do to balance the growth of the established & emerging economies for the expansion! What provokes this thought is Tesco’s rare success in the Korean market. Why to call it rare! As Korea is the retail market where the Retail Giants like Carrefour had bowed to the knees in the battle of retail with the Korean retailer E- Mart, Lotte, the Market Retailer of Korea. Knowing such a market back ground Tesco did something, which stormed the market & brought Tesco into the big league of Korea. Before going into what Tesco did, let’s learn about Tesco and the Korean retail battle ground in light of the global retail scenario. Tesco History Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London’s East End. Over the years the business grew around the world in 14 countries with a team of over 500,000 people serving millions of customers every week round the clock. Today Tesco is known for one the best shopping experience destination...

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