Change the Stigma Towards Mental Health Among Malaysian

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Change the Stigma of Malaysian Perception towards Mental Health
People are usually not aware about mental illness that happen to them or people around them. They have a negative view towards mental health. When we said mental health, the first word that came to their minds is CRAZY. Mental illness as said before, it not just included ‘mental corruption’ but also cognitive, behavior and emotion disorder. All these are under mental health problem. As an example, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) patient sometimes did not realize that they have the symptoms until one day they discover about it through their reading or heard what people said about their repetitive behavior and thoughts. Even OCD is not as dangerous as schizophrenia, but it still need to be prevented. So in order to help Malaysian People aware about their mental health, all party include government or non-government, institution, and others that involving in mental health are suggested to play their role to help people get noticed about this mental illness.
There are several ways we can do to help increasing Malaysian mental health awareness. We can organize an expo about mental health. Government and non-government should collaborate together to meet the citizen, in urban or rural area. As we know, May is the month for Mental Health Awareness. We can use this opportunity to give Malaysian a talk about mental health, expose to the symptoms that lead to mental or psychological disorder. But, we must expose to them correctly, or less they will shocked that they have the symptoms of psychological disorder and thinks that they will become crazy. Exposed to them with full of explanation. Not too specify also not too simple. If goes to detail, they might not understand what actually we’re trying to say, but if we just explain the surface of the symptoms, they might easily thinks that they have that…...