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Approaches to Change Management for Flexible Learning

Australian Flexible Learning Framework Quick Guides series

Based on the knowledge generated from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects and selected external literature, the Quick Guides series provides an introduction to key issues related to flexible and online delivery of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Reference as:

Backroad Connections Pty Ltd 2003, Approaches to Change Management for Flexible Learning (Version 1.01), Australian Flexible Learning Framework Quick Guides series, Australian National Training Authority.

Version 1.02, July 2004

This document can be accessed at: For a list of other Quick Guides see: /

© 2003 Australian National Training Authority

This work has been produced by the Sharing Knowledge project with the assistance of funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian National Training Authority. Copyright for this document vests in ANTA. ANTA will allow free use of the material so long as ANTA’s interest is acknowledged and the use is not for profit.

The views and opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ANTA. ANTA does not give any warranty or accept any liability in relation to the content of this document.

An initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National Vocational Education and Training System 2000-2004

Managed by the Flexible Learning Advisory Group on behalf of the Commonwealth, all States and Territories in conjunction with ANTA

Plans are nothing, planning...

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