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Changes in Apple Company After Steve Jobs Dead

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Apple After Jobs: Looking at the Future Beyond iPad, iPhone and MacBook
Despite the millions of words, both print and digital, written this past week about Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, it is safe to say that we probably knew very little about the man, the myth and the icon.
In fact, of all the people over the years who led and shaped the personal computer and consumer electronics industries, Jobs was perhaps the most enigmatic. His personality and presence drove Apple to new heights in terms of innovation and design. It also created an almost cult-like following among users of the company’s products, who lined up for days to hear him speak at trade shows and events.
The big question now is how apple technology will evolve and flourish now that Steve jobs is gone and his physical presence and charisma is missing.
Conversely, Jobs was also an extremely private and introspective person, whose passion was simplicity and utility.
Over the course of his life, his influence touched nearly every facet of our lives, from personal computers and phones to music, tablet devices and animated movies. But, Jobs was never obsessed with legacy or immortality, but rather with just providing ways for people to do better in their personal and working lives.
He was also a person who recognized the importance of learning from failures, as he had when fired from Apple by the very man he had hired and later returning to take control and steer the company into new and exciting areas of technology. There were also a number of unsuccessful technology launches like the failed Lisa and early Message Pad personal digital...

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