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Changing How People and Businesses Communicate

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• Describe the evolution of Voice communications from analog to digital to VoIP to unified communications.
Before 1984 AT&T was a monopoly in the telecom market in the U.S., but then 7 Regional Bell Operating companies. Then they started the long distance war. I remember it started in early 90’s in Hong Kong. They were promoting cheap long distance phone call called (IDD). Then dialog internet kicked in to play; the 56K. When I was a kid, I went to my cousin’s house. He had his computer connecting to the internet with phone line. It was loud, weird sound, when he kept pressing Enter, it showed the connection went back and forth in picture with consistent weird sound. When it comes to digital, I had a computer with internet called ADSL. It allowed us transferring voice, video and data through internet with cable. I remember the quality of calling was quite bad; the internet’s speed was quite slow back then. Optical cable came to play, literally came to my house with a staff installing the network. They called it 100 Mbps network. The speed was tremendously fast. Smart phone was getting popular at that time with 3G. At that time Voice over IP is very common. I could easily voice call or video call my friends in computer with decent quality. Today, unified communication is really common. We can’t live without it. It includes voice communication, instant messenger, audio and video conference and also collaboration(47 Kim and Solomon).
• Differentiate store-and-forward communications from real-time communications. (How do store-and-forward communications differ from real-time communications?)

Real-time communications can instantly communicate with other. For example, instant messenger like MSN (R.I.P.) google hangout, Whatsapp; audio and video conference software like Skype. Store-and-forward communications require recording and upload to the server. One can download it to see it or hear the message or information. For instance, voice mail and email.

• Recognize the impact of the Internet on how people and businesses communicate. (Summarize the impact of the internet on how people and businesses communicate according to the book and your own observations.)
Internet plays an important role in communication. It is really common to chat or video call online. Writing a birthday letter for friends? Too old-schooled! We could use email or Facebook for that. Video call or voice call to the one oversea is not a dream. All we need is internet, fast one I guess. Working online together is quite impressive to me. Normally we have to sit together and work. Now, we could do our work, share it, give advice, and fix it in the internet like google drive. The book gives many examples about connecting to other when we do in need in urgent. Business part of it, it provides better customer service. In short, there are lots of ways and easier to contact other.

• Align risk-mitigation strategies for VoIP and SIP applications. (Provide an overview/summary of the risk-mitigation strategies listed in Table 2-2 on page 56 and the section titled "VoIP and SIP Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities)
Do back up
Access control
Encrypt VoIP packets,
Change strong and long password frequently
Use firewall and SSH
Put VoIP call server

• Understand how brick-and-mortar businesses transform into e-business models with e-commerce. (Describe how brick-and-mortar businesses transformed into e-commerce models as outlined in the section "Evolution from Brick-and-Mortar to E-commerce" starting on page 74 in your textbook)
There two type of E-commerce, business to consumer and business to business. Private information and credit card number information are required in online transaction. It is important to secure the information with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Many firms had developed E-business transaction to expand their business like Amazon, Ebay, Itunes music or software and so on. They have to build secure Web sites, Web-enabled customer- service and find new customer with Internet marketing (75 Kim and Solomon).

• Explain the significance of IP mobility, including smaller, more portable devices and the Bring Your Own Device policy.
Since there are lots of powerful and smaller tools (PDA, laptops, smart phones) we are using, bringing them in work are really common, but it brings new security issues. The organization can set up two separate WIFI to protect the organization’s network. Bring Your Own Device policy means we can bring our own electronic devices to work.
Kingpin Summary and Thought:
In mid-1990, computer were opened to anyone not just PC geeks or programmers or experts, but many of them hated hacking and became “white-hat hackers”. Yet, this shows if they are corrupted, it’s hard to stop them and catch them. It’s like a double-edged sword; it could help you or harm you. It depends on their will. They have the ability to do good or bad. Does justice always serve us? We’ll see.
Max was alone and needs a girl. He met Kimi. He had a chance to be a real hacker in work because the job requires him to do “penetrating test”, to hack in a system or computer. He was then married with Kimi and had a great job that he liked. This should be many people’s dreams. But…
Hackers are back! Due to Bind the new numeric address for websites, but it had flaws. Max reported it to FBI, but he decided to launch attack after he hanged up the phone. And there’s rootkid, the evil of all in computer. He was a black hat and a white hat. Dang! Smart on his part with the evil plan: he launched the attack, and upgrades the BIND patch on the computers, but he can still get in them if he wanted. While his wife Kimi said don’t get caunght. It seems like a foreshadowing. He then got into many corporate computers including U.S. military and Navy’s. He decided to ignore FBI and kept doing his evil plan. He wanted to be the One and Only Cyber Lord Max Vision.
FBI came to his duplex and had a search warrant. Because of his arrogance, he was caught by sending the pop-up message to warn Paxson. They offered a deal that if he worked for them, it might be leniency for him. He first was cooperated with FBI. Yet, it changed his mind when he was in Def Con, the hackers’ party. The talker said we never cooperate to cops. Max didn’t work for FBI. They were against each other again.

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