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Changing Journalism in the Digital Age

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Changing Journalism in the Digital Age Changing Journalism in the Digital Age

The evolution of mass communication has seen a change in the way the world receives news and information. With the advent of the Internet and converging media, journalists can bring information to a wider spectrum of audiences through newer methods of communication. New technologies and the increasing rise of social media both as a mean of communication have enabled information to be shared in real-time around the world. In return, this allows people who normally never read a newspaper, to become aware of the journalist’s articles by people they are connected with through social media sites and various means of web browsing.

Journalists are increasingly connected to their audiences in comparison to the past days of the printing press. What was normally a newspaper delivered to the front doorstep carrying news that occurred from the previous day, journalism has become mainstream. Journalists at first thought the Internet was to become the demise of the traditional newspaper and therefore eliminate the need for news reporting. However the case, these journalists have discovered that by converging with social media, they can reach a larger spectrum of audiences with their articles and publications. In doing so, the audience are becoming aware of current events as they happen from a local and global standpoint.

A journalist can be on the scene of a political event or any other event and write their article on the spot. With the ability to grab pictures or video of the event, a journalist can place the content of the article onto their news source on the Internet once they are done with the reporting. The audience then can obtain this information through the Internet by using their computer, tablet or smartphone. Once the information is received, the audience...

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