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Changing My Life: A Life Changed My Perspective Of Life

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Have you ever glimpsed at your surroundings, and felt the urge to thank your family for having such a comfortable place to call home? Luckily my sisters and I were born in the matanuska valley and raised in the mountains of Talkeetna, Alaska. We were always adventuring among the steep mountains, tredging through powdered snow and spending weekends at the cabin with my family. The cabin was our safe haven. We enjoyed listening to the birds sing through the snowy trees while keeping cozy and warm around the woodstove. Despite our warm memories and happy emotions; The cabin and the Talkeetna mountains fosters memories of a life changing catastrophe, that altered my perspective of life forever.
It all began on the day of March 5, 2010, I was eleven
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Looking back of the memories; my dad’s smile, laugh, and all of our adventure’s is what I pictured. My heart was shattered and it was unfathomable to believe that my dad was possibly gone forever. A memory stuck out to me a month before my dad went missing. We were at the cabin sledding down the steep hills, laughing, feeling inevitably euphoric and stuck in time. The sun was shining through the trees and I remember looking up at the sky, seeing it was clear blue as I layed down in the snow, with my sled beside me. I could hear dad laughing, running down the hill to lay next to me, with that gigantic smirk on his face, “Cheyanne i’ll be right there!.” And thinking about that makes my heart smile because I know he was happy as he can be, as I was too. Time is fleeting by as it seemed because on April 10, 2010, the case of my dad was already forgotten from everyone. Everyone gave up on finding him and it was impossible to move forward when there was no evidence or tracks of him, so the case ended. After a couple years, the memories of my dad faded, I lost hope of him being found, and I was still in deep shock. I had forgotten his smile, his laugh, everything about him. I went to school everyday after he passed away

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