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Changing Our Lives Essay

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Changing Our Lives Essay changing our lives essays
Alicia Carter

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ENG 090


Changing Our Lives Essay
We all want success, money, and happiness right? Would a college education not be the key to having all of those things? Returning to school now would ensure that I could have money, with a successful job and happiness in the gratification of completing my degree, all the while, setting a stellar example for my daughter, making my family proud and allowing me the opportunity to obtain a college degree. All of this is essential positive things to add to this journey called life.
I was once the young high school graduate with bright eyes and a promising future going to college. I enrolled in a large local University and started my journey to arming myself with the necessary tools to have a stellar career. After the initial shock of freedom and adulthood, two years later, I found myself socially at the top of my game, but educationally the dean had placed me the former 3.8 high school student on academic probation. I was now struggling to make the grade in college. I now know that I was not focused, or driven, my priorities were not intact and the entire long-term goal to me was just a fleeting futuristic challenge. The importance of college had not set in and therefore it appeared I was paying to go to school to become a better social butterfly. My parents did not seem to find the importance of that concept and therefore quickly enhanced my introduction to the “real world” and what life was all about. As the old story goes, I dropped out of college with the intent to go back and took my hand at surviving in the adult world. I was as expected constantly struggling with the daunting task of providing clothes, food, transportation and a roof over my head. As the years went by I was further and...

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Changing Our Lives Essay

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