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Changing Perspectives

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The scenario that is in the text is something that we see all too often out in society. We as people think that we should have control over what is going on around us at all times. The way we view something is what we have seen in the past, or have experienced ourselves. I have been guilty of this very thing; everyone has a different perspective on the same situations. People that have religion see things different than people that don’t. Most people just see the situation from their perspective on the outside and they don’t take the time to ask questions or try to see the other side.
After reading the following scenario, I would say that the first analogy of the situation fits well. You see that sort of situation all the time, whether you are at the grocery store or at Wal-Mart. I actually witnessed a situation like this once at a store called Game stops. These kids were so bad that they were running around knocking over the displays, the mother was patiently waiting in line to purchase the games that she bought. One of the guys that worked there had to stop the kids from destroying the store, while the mother paid no mind to what was going on. Where I live there are a lot of homeless people constantly walking around and asking for anything mainly money. These are the same people that are telling you that their car broke down and the just need a little gas to get home. Most of these homeless people don’t realize that they have asked the same people over and over usually because they are pretty drunk when they ask the first one hundred times. It gets old and frustrates you to the point of not wanting to help any more. I have a co-worker of mine that helps all the time and dose it willingly and without regret. Sometimes after giving these homeless people money you see them in the store buying alcohol with the money. I have no problem buying the food or something that will do them some good but I don’t always have the time to go to McDonalds. My co- worker tells me that it doesn’t matter what they do with the money we should help people that are less fortunate than we are. The next situation happened at The Wal-Mart there was a man that was out front of the store panhandling for money to feed his family, the man said that he had just lost his job and was getting evicted from their apartment. The first thing that I thought was this guy was trying to hustle us so I said no. My co-worker did give him like fifty cents; we went into the Wal-Mart to do our shopping g and came out to see this man being put into a police car for shoplifting some food from the store. I have been a Christian for a while and it is really hard to stay in that mindset all the time. My co-worker walks in the spirit always and that has a lot to do with how he perceives things, he looks at the bright side all the time and he is very encouraging to be around. I have a heart to help people, but I think that always being around people of this nature and seeing them lie about what they are going to use the money for that it has taken away from the fact that some people do need help and not everyone is laying. When we are in a good mood we sure see things from an encouraging point of view. When we are stressed out from the day’s hassles we get real selfish with our time and our possessions. I think that my biggest hang up is that when I was a drug addict I would lie and pan handle to buy my drugs. So I automatically think the worst, and that is not how having religion is we need to have compassion for those less fortunate. As stated in the text I feel that I have a lot of gratitude for receiving the help that I needed to stop using drugs and become a respected citizen of the community that I live in. I have had a lot of positive outcomes and have had a lot of breakthroughs because of religion and the power of God. I have helped out people that have my same past, so they can have a future that I have today. My situation before getting clean was that I hated anyone that had more than me because I was so mad at myself for ruining my own life. Those were my personal beliefs, with the situation a hand that is what I thought was happening. I didn’t take the time to see that he had a watch on or that he was wearing nice tennis shoes or that he didn’t have any holes in his jeans means that he was kept somewhere I just took for granted that he was lying. I felt very bad after watching everything unfold; I was so use to the hustling that usually goes on in my neighborhood. My co-worker his mood is always the same and his view on life is always very positive and that had a better perspective on the current event. After thinking about all the variables about the situation that I explained, I will definitely look at things with a different perspective and try to show more compassion. My co-worker said that it doesn’t matter it is our job as men or women in the faith to help those less fortunate and do it with a good heart. I know that happiness really helps when evaluating different situations and I feel that religion has made me a more compassionate person. I want to get to the place in my life where I can see the good in all situations but also am ready for the bad because it will always be there. The more that we do that is helpful to someone and helps improve their lives really puts our happiness meter through the roof, even more than improving ourselves.

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