Changing the World

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Changing the World

The Greenpeace organization began more than 30 years ago and has grown from a small group of activist to an international origination with office in more than 30 countries ("Greenpeace", 2010).
Through peaceful protest and creative communication to expose environmental problems Greenpeace as worked together with activists and supporters to ban commercial whaling, convince world leaders to stop nuclear testing, and protect Antarctica ("Greenpeace", 2010).
Through protest and working with universities that have on-campus coal plants Greenpeace is fighting for the future and the health of future generations by asking the universities to change policy and transition to 100 percent clean energy. According to the Greenpeace website Michigan State University burns over 2000,000 tons of coal per year. Students at Michigan State risked being arrested and staged a sit-in at the University President’s office to demand a meeting with her about their on-campus coal plant. The Present of the University never did agree to meet with the students. (Greenpeace, 2011).
. According to "Green Peace" (2010) America’s coal burning power plants, in addition to causing global warming are killing Americans through poisoning our air and water and making our children sick. Over the next three years Greenpeace plan of joining local communities to shut down dangerous coal plants across the United States. They also plan on exposing climate deniers and hold them publicly accountable for providing millions of dollars to lobby against climate and clean energy policies. Greenpeace also wants to kick-start an Energy Revolution for clean-energy solutions like solar and wind power. According to "Green Peace" (2010) “In addition to advocating for solutions to global warming and climate change, we are doing…...