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Chap 13

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Chapter 13
Other than formal power, there is one type of power that has two categories named personal power. Personal power arises from a person’s unique characteristics. This means that you do not have to be a CEO or manager in order to have power over people. The first category of power is Expert Power. Expert power is “influence wielded as a result of expertise, special skill, or knowledge” (Robbins 422). In other words, in a field that becomes increasingly specialized, those who have extensive knowledge of the field gain power and are more valuable than those that do not. For instance, taxes may be difficult for many people to understand and therefore, they must hire tax accountants. The accountant has power because of their extensive knowledge so you hand them the ability to review your financial records. This plays role when managers of one specific Marriott need help making a decision. The manager consults with the general manager who has greater expertise when it comes to managerial skills. So when decisions become increasingly complicated, general managers become more valuable and have added power. The second type of power is referent power. This is power that a person has because they possess resources or admirable qualities and people desire to please them. This term is most commonly linked with celebrities and athletes and is not relevant at this particular Marriott.
The managers at the Marriott claim that office politics do not play a large role in the management process. This is because all of the hiring and promoting is done from the inside and rewards are given out to those who perform well.

Chapter 14 The Marriott at Tyndall and 2nd St. is a profitable company, but they have their share of problems occasionally. The majority of the problems stem from poor communication. For instance, when people want to check into the hotel,…...

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