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Chap 16

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Chapter 16 Accounting for Income Taxes
AACSB assurance of learning standards in accounting and business education require documentation of outcomes assessment. Although schools, departments, and faculty may approach assessment and its documentation differently, one approach is to provide specific questions on exams that become the basis for assessment. To aid faculty in this endeavor, we have labeled each question, exercise, and problem in Intermediate Accounting, 7e, with the following AACSB learning skills: Questions
16–1 16–2 16–3 16–4 16–5 16–6 16–7 16–8 16–9 16–10 16–11 16–12 16–13 16–14 16–15

Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Diversity, Reflective thinking Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Reflective thinking Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic

Exercises (cont.)
16–6 16–7 16–8 16–9 16–10 16–11 16–12 16–13 16–14 16–15 16–16 16–17 16–18 16–19 16–20 16–21 16–22 16–23 16–24 16–25 16–26 16–27 16–28 16–29 16–30

Reflective thinking Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Communications Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic, Reflective thinking Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Reflective thinking Analytic Analytic, Reflective thinking Analytic, Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Analytic Reflective thinking Communications Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Analytic Diversity, Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking Reflective thinking

Brief Exercises
16–1 16–1 16–2 16–3 16–4 16–5 16–6 16–7 16–8 16–9 16–10...

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