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Chapter 1 Stats

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Practice MCQs for Chapter 1

1. The specific statistical methods that can be used to summarize or to describe a collection of data is called:
A. Descriptive statistics
B. Inferential statistics
C. Analytical statistics
D. All of the above
2. The _________________ random variables yield categorical responses so that the responses fit into one category or another.
A. Quantitative
B. Discrete
C. Continuous
D. Qualitative

3. Which of the following is a qualitative/categorical variable?
A. The number of pets owned by a family.
B. The number of doors on a car.
C. Your favourite TV show.
D. Your IQ score.

4. Which of the following is a quantitative variable?
A. The make of a TV.
B. A person's gender.
C. The distance from one city to another (in km).
D. A person’s educational background.

5. The manager of the customer service division of a major consumer electronics company is interested in determining whether the customers who have purchased a DVD player made by the company over the past 12 months are satisfied with their products, the possible responses to the question "How much time do you use the DVD player every week on the average?" are values from a
A. discrete numerical random variable.
B. continuous numerical random variable.
C. categorical random variable.
D. Cannot answer because of lake of information

6. The classification of student major (accounting, economics, management, marketing, other) is an example of
A. a categorical random variable.
B. a discrete random variable.
C. a continuous random variable.
D. Cannot answer because of lake of information

7. Quantitative data refers to:
A. any data you present in your report.
B. graphs and tables.
C. statistical analysis.
D. numerical data that could usefully be quantified to help you answer your research question(s) and to meet your objectives

8. ______________ is...

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