Chapter 10 Exercises Review Questions 1-10

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Chapter 10 Exercises Review Questions 1-10

1. Define the term system architecture. Define the term scalability, and explain why it is important to consider scalability in system design.

System architecture translates the logical design of an information system into a physical structure that includes hardware, software, network support, and processing methods. Then, Scalability is the measure of a system’s ability to expand, change, or downsize easily to meet the changing needs of a business enterprise. Scalability is important to consider in implementing systems that are volume related, such as transaction processing systems.

2. When selecting an architecture, what items should a systems analyst consider as part of the overall design checklist?

Before selecting a system architecture, the analyst must consider the following issues:
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Initial cost and (TCO)
Web integration
Legacy system interface requirements
Processing options
Security issues

3. What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)? What is supply chain management?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) defines a specific architecture, including standards for data, processing, network, and user interface design. It is important because it describes a specific hardware and software environment that ensures hardware connectivity and easyintegration of future applications, including in house software and commercial packages. ERP also can extend to suppliers and customers in a process called supply chain management. In a totally integrated supply chain a customer order could cause a production planning system to schedule a work order which in turn triggers a call for certain parts from one or more suppliers.

4. Explain the term server and provide an example of server-based processing; explain the term client and provide an example of client-based…...