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Chapter 10 Notes Itm100

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CHAPTER 10- SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT * information systems that are built correctly can transform as the organization/business transforms * With global standardization of data definitions, sharing data among international businesses are easier * Challenges: culture, language, technology platform * Systems development life cycle * Planning AKA initialization establish high level plan and determine project goals * Analysis refining project goals into defined operations of the intended system * Design establishes descriptions of operation of the system (screen layouts, process diagram) * Developmenttaking all of the detailed design documents and transforming them into the actual system * Testing (most important part) brings all the project pieces together into a testing environment to eliminate errors * Implementations (putting into action) places the system into production so users can begin to use it * Maintenance performing changes, corrections and additions/upgrades to ensure the system continues * Methodology set of policies, procedure, standards, processes, techniques that people apply to technical and management challenges * Waterfall methodology:

* Agile methodology aims for customer satisfaction with continuous delivery of useful system meeting bare minimum requirements. Small project greater success rate * Iterative development consists of a series of fast, efficient, short, lower cost projects that get fast feedback and acceptance * Rapid Application Development methodology emphasizes user involvement in working prototypes * Prototypes small scale representation of a working model

* Extreme programming breaks down a project into tiny parts (faster the communication or feedback, better the results) * 4 parts:...

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