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GS1145 week five
Reflecting on Ourselves
All of us learn in different ways. Some of us prefer to hear information while others would rather see it. Some of us like to be hands-on to develop an ability; others prefer to read a manual to develop a skill. Understanding how we learn best allows us to consider our strengths and areas for improvement so we can be successful.

Tasks: 1. After completing the assigned reading from Chapter 3, complete the following assessments: * "Assess: Your Multiple Intelligences" on pages 32–33 * "What Can you Learn About Your Personality?" on pages 41–42 2. Next, write a 200-word essay using Microsoft Word answering the following questions: * What is your dominant intelligence? * Based on the definitions of the eight intelligences listed on pages 33–34, describe your top intelligence in your own words. * Are you surprised by the result? Why? * According to the personality indicator on page 42, what is your score for each of the four categories? Are you surprised by the result? Why? * Now that you know more about your dominant intelligence and personality, how will you change the way you study and complete assignments?
Submission Requirements:
Save your document in Microsoft Word, and submit it to your instructor as an attachment through the Questa Learning Plan. Make sure your document is double-spaced and you have performed a spell-check on your response.
Discussion Forum
Community Building Online
Think about the differences you have experienced between online learning and face-to-face learning. Please answer the following questions: * Discuss the importance of developing a sense of teamwork and community in an online environment. * What strategies used in a face-to-face classroom have you used online to develop a community in this class? * What...

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