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Chapter 3 Ikea Ot Case Anaylsis

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University Of Jordan

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Business
Organizational Theory (1601712)
Semester: Fall 2014/2015

Student’s Name: Mohammad Bani Mustafa
Student’s ID: 8141333

Case for Analysis:
How IKEA manages the global Environment.

Discussion Questions:
Q1: List the various ways in which IKEA has managed the global environment over time. 1. Company’s approach that focuses on Simplicity, attention to detail and cost consciousness which help in attracting customers and their needs and wishes and approach of responsive in every aspect of its operations and behavior that lead to keep their organization reputation at a high level and customer expectations 2. Company’s Owner approach in money saving and being responsible for all details and tasks that every employee does and being active as an owner or a stakeholder and also and being a hard-worker and essential in their rules and operations 3. When it comes for expensive and cost coverage, every single employee focuses on keeps the costs and expenses for any certain tasks, activity, trainings, and business travels to a minimum 4. Company’s owner approach that every new employee, should starting the IKEA’s global approach at the time he starts his job by performing it at the bottom of the ladder and getting trained to perform all various jobs involved in store operations 5. Employees initiatives and responsibilities for solving problems and for focusing on customers 6. Keep encouraging and promoting enthusiastic employees for those who demonstrate and bought enthusiasm and togetherness into IKEA’S global culture 7. Keeping the teamwork spirit and one family members among all employees without concerning the different managerial levels and titles among them, which helps in implementing commitment to IKEAs and having its values and norms 8. IKEA’s wide...

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