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Chapter 3 Methodology

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Functioon of the methodology: The methodology chapter, usually Chapter 3, presents all the information the reader will require to replicate the study and to understand that all steps in the scientific method were done to ensure the reliability and validity of the study.

Begin the chapter with a brief introduction.
Include a restatement of the purpose of the study and conclude the introductory section with a brief overview of the chapter. No need to get clever. Just write, "Chapter 3 includes a review of the research method and design appropriateness, a discussion of the population and sample. In addition, Chapter 3..."
The introduction should be no more than 3 paragraphs, and, per APA, should NOT include the title "Introduction".
The research design is based on the problem under investigation, the theoretical framework of the study, and the purpose of the study. Provide sufficient detail to suggest recommendations to answer the research questions. The purpose of this section is to assure the reader that the type of research design is justified and appropriate for the desired outcomes.
This section should also clearly delineate and explicate the type of design used (e.g., correlational, historical, phenomenological, etc.). Any deviation from the steps necessary to fulfill the research design should be explained and fully justified; otherwise, the reader may conclude that the procedure is flawed.
Provide a complete description and definition of the independent variables (IV) and dependent variables (DV). The dependent variable is the response or the criterion variable, which is caused or influenced by the independent treatment conditions. The independent variables, which are under the control of the researcher, provide the treatment or act as factors in the study. (Note: if you are doing a qualitative study, there are no IVs and...

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