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Chapter 6 Reflections

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Chapter 6 Reflections 1. Describe a time that you needed to work as a part of a team.
At my previous job, Buffalo Wild Wings, every day I was part of a team. When working in a restaurant it requires everyone to help out. I think it’s really important to always help your fellow coworkers in any way you can, work related. 2. Tell about a time you used creativity and problem-solving skills to solve an important problem.
At my current job, 1800CONTACTS, I run in to problems all the time. But one situation came up where I had received a fax from a customer’s doctor letting me know that their prescription was expired and we cannot sell them contact lenses. Usually I would just call the customer to let them know that they need to go in for a new eye exam but I noticed that this customer lived in a state where glasses/contact prescriptions lasted for two years. I then took it upon myself to contact the doctor to get her last exam date, which was just a year ago, and thanked them for the information. Once I hung up I could ship the order since technically the prescription was still valid for another year. Now every time I get an expired response from a doctor in a two year state I take it upon myself to contact the doctor to get the exam date. 3. Describe a time when you didn’t succeed at something you were trying to accomplish.
I like to run, so with that I decided to run a half marathon one time. I hadn’t ran in months and a friend had asked me if I wanted to join him in the race, I said yes thinking I was going to run it no problem. I did not train for the race. When the day came to lace up my running shoes and get to the starting line I felt good and ready to run. Once the race started to felt fine! But only a mile into the race my whole body started to shut down on me and I had to drop of the race not even making it half way. I was so disappointed in…...

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