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This chapter deals with the different literature and studies base on different sources to provide the better understanding of how Personalized Sales and Inventory System works and give a brief theoretical background.
Review of Related Literature phpMyAdmin According to Gralla (2011) phpMyAdmin is the one of the most popular tools for MySQL database administration. A major reason for this is its portability--phpMyAdmin runs in a Web browser, so you can access it from almost any computer. The program is also robust; phpMyAdmin has enough functionality that you can probably create and run a Web site without knowing any SQL. Being free and open-source never hurt anybody, either. For these reasons, most hosting sites include phpMyAdmin in their control panel as the default MySQL administration tool. phpMyAdmin has some nice extras, such as importing and exporting Excel, OpenDocument, and XML files, and a tool that generates a PDF image of your database schema.
Visual Basic
According to Laud (2012) Visual Basic is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE). It derives from the much older BASIC programming language, and so is considered a useful and relatively easy programming language for the beginner to learn. Visual Basic (VB) is now integrated into many different software applications and also web applications. Visual Basic was developed to be easy to learn, with a quick learning curve and a diverse scope of possibilities. Using the Visual Basic software, you can either hard-code or use the developer software to assist you throughout. It's also used to create ActiveX controls (for web usage and other controls), .dll file extensions or executables for standalone operation.
LAN (Local Area Network)
According to Rouse (2006) a local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link. Typically, connected devices share the resources of a single processor or server within a small geographic area. Usually, the server has applications and data storage that are shared in common by multiple computer users. A local area network may serve as few as two or three users or as many as thousands of users.
Adobe Photoshop
According to Fryer and Umstot (2012) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo editing software tool available. Whether you are working on a webpage, PowerPoint presentation, or a document to be printed, Photoshop can be used to enhance your images. Participants will learn about image file types, cropping images, compositing (putting several images together), ghosting images (for use as webpage backgrounds), using layers, creating masks, applying filters, and formatting text with bevels and other effects.

WampServer According to Bourdon (2012) WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases. WampServer installs automatically (installer), and its usage is very intuitive. You will be able to tune your server without even touching the setting files. WampServer is the only packaged solution that will allow you to reproduce your production server. Once WampServer is installed, you have the possibility to add as many Apache, MySQL, and PHP releases as you want. WampServer also has a tray icon to manage your server and its settings.
Review of Related Studies
The system handles the information regarding to sales and inventory of the coffee shop. The system also served as the database of the all the records. It also handles the records of the customers and the supplies that have been delivered. The entire employee has an access in the system and it doesn’t require a username and password in order to have an access in it. In addition the system will automatically deduct the quantity of ingredients upon ordering it also notify a message that there are no longer enough stocks and there is need to process a new order to other franchise store. The user will be able to get daily report of the business anytime. In this related system the researchers used software development methodology or the system development methodology a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing an information system. (Castro et al, 2009)
In connection to the related studies the proposed system is also a sales and inventory system and it handles records and track all the information needed by the system and all the data are stored and retrieved in database. The system will handle all the records of the company from supplier to customer. Their goal in making this system is to provide an accurate data and update it, so that it will easy to locate. In order to have an access in the system the user will log in his username and password that was stored in the database. Payment summary and customers information are involved in the system and stored in database. Warehouse personnel and manager have an access in the system in order to know if there are enough stocks in the warehouse. The system inventory was hard to cheat because the comings in and going out of stocks are recorded in the system. (Abacahin et al, 2012)
In connection to the related system the proposed system has the same features as it has. The researchers also used Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology for the system they developed. The system was made using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for the front-end as well as the proposed system. The system will handle all the records of the facilities and records of the students. The system also served as the secondary database of the student’s records in their manual filling system. This system has a security lock features that needs username and password to access in the system. The system gives an accurate output based on the intended functions of the system. It avoids confusion on the user regarding the process of lending and avoid unintended swap of records. Through the use of this system the user can trace student who possibly the cause of the facility damage. The researchers used the Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology in their system; it brings a well-defined activity and specifies the sequenced interaction of activities. It also includes diagrammatic and other modeling techniques that help in the planning and control of the development of the system. The researchers adopt the rules and standard documents that allow for better communication and should ease the implementation and maintenance stages. (Caymo and Thomas, 2007)
In connection to this related system the proposed system is also made with Visual Basic 6.0 as a front end. The system had a login form where user should supply username and password to access the system just like the proposed system does. Also both the system and the proposed system handle records and track all the information needed by the system and all the data are stored and retrieved in database. There are different systems that are related to the proposed system that can be basis to use in developing it. Having a full understanding to systems can be advantage in making the proposed system; you can create other features to it or enhance and modify the related system. The table contains the authors, years, objectives, methodologies, and contribution of the related system to the proposed system.

Table 1. Related Studies | SISCO | SISEM | FIS | PSIS | Author, Year | Castro,Lazaro and Pangilinan (2009) | Abacahin, Amil, Canda, Dumon, Matilos and Perocho (2012) | Caymo and Thomas (2007) | Mambalos and Suniga (2013) | Objective | To develop Sales and Inventory System for Coffee Overdose | To develop Sales and Inventory System of Edmar Marketing | To develop a Facility Inventory System | To develop Personalized Sales and Inventory System | Methodology | Software Development Methodology | Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology | Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology | Rapid Application Development (RAD) | Contribution | Sales and Inventory of a coffee shop | Sales and Inventory and Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end | Sales and Inventory and Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end | Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end and phpmyAdmin as back-end. |

* SISCO – Sales and Inventory System for Coffee Overdose
* SISEM - Sales and Inventory System of Edmar Marketing
* FIS – Facility Inventory System
* PSIS – Personalized Sales and Inventory System

The related studies gathered and presented in this chapter have different functions and capabilities which is helpful for the researcher to compare their system to other existing system related to their study. Written on the table is a list of systems’ functions and what systems have those functions.

Table 2. Comparison Functions | SISCO | SISEM | FIS | PSIS | | | | | | User Registration | X | X | X | | Username and Password | X | | | | Can be viewed on another computer | | | | | Notification | | | X | | Automatic Updating of Data | | | | | Personalization | X | X | X | | Accurate Output | | | | |

* SISCO – Sales and Inventory System for Coffee Overdose
* SISEM - Sales and Inventory System of Edmar Marketing
* FIS – Facility Inventory System
* PSIS – Personalized Sales and Inventory System
* - system has the function
* X – system doesn’t have the function

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