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CHAPTER ONE TOPIC QUESTIONS 1. What are the three components of the C.I.A. triangle? What are they used for?
The three components of the C.I.A. are: confidentiality (assurance that the information is shared only among authorized persons or organizations); integrity (assurance that the information is complete and uncorrupted); and availability (assurance that the information systems and the necessary data are available for use when they are needed). These three components are frequently used to conveniently articulate the objectives of a security program that must be used in harmony to assure an information system is secure and usable.

2. If the C.I.A. triangle is incomplete, why is it so commonly used in security?
The CIA triangle is commonly used in security because it addresses the fundamental concerns of information: confidentiality, integrity and availability. It is still used when not complete because it addresses all of the major concerns with the vulnerability of information systems.

3. Describe the critical characteristics of information. How are they used in the study of computer security?
Availability - enables users who need to access information to do so without interference or obstruction and in the required format. The information is said to be available to an authorized user when and where needed and in the correct format.
Accuracy- free from mistake or error and having the value that the end-user expects. If information contains a value different from the user’s expectations due to the intentional or unintentional modification of its content, it is no longer accurate.
Authenticity - the quality or state of being genuine or original, rather than a reproduction or fabrication. Information is authentic when it is the information that was originally created, placed, stored, or transferred.
Confidentiality - the quality or state…...

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